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3fold's Trused Advisory services are, for the most part, catered to the specific needs of the specific client. If that isn't vague enough, our Advisors work with you to solve your problems. We'll also work with you to identify your problems. And then solve them.

3fold's Trusted Advisory services give you what you need to remain in business by looking at what can go wrong and finding the resources to prevent it.

I'm sure you've heard it before: compliance does not mean security. You can be compliant with Regulation X or Mandate Q, but where does Company A fit in? It typically doesn't.

So, 3fold's Trusted Advisory services fill in the gaps that compliance misses. Things like Business Impact Analyses, Cybersecurity Improvement Plans, Information Security Maturity Assessments, and Compromise Identification are all fair game outside of compliance work.

How can 3fold help?


We can review your security architecture initiatives based on structured security architecture frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL, ISO, TOGAF, and NIST CSF

We can look at your overall Cybersecurity Program and conduct an independent review against best practices and ensure alignment with business goals

We can perform Business Impact Analyses to determine critical assets, information, and processes to form the foundation of data classification and subsequent protection levels for each category

We can help you develop business continuity plans, incident response plans, and disaster recovery plans based on threat analyses, theoretical risk assessments, and critical business function identification

We can coordinate with your leadership and board to communicate security issues in the proper way and at the right level to help assure funding for critical cybersecurity endeavors

I can go on but the fact of the matter is that 3fold advisors have experience working with Fortune 50 CISOs as well as small business managers in just about every industry out there. We've seen it and we've solved it. Give us a call to chat about whatever.

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