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3fold is on a mission to simplify security. Whether you're talking about advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, ransomware eradication, or security compliance, it all boils down to the three basic principles of security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. That's what 3fold solutions are.

By looking at problems from this perspective, root-cause analysis is straightforward and resolutions become clear. 

3fold offers many security services bundled into a few tidy packages:

Security Compliance

Trusted Advisory

Education & More

3fold's Compliance assessments include your garden-variety security consulting engagements such as compliance evaluations, maturity assessments, security training and awareness initiatives, and many other tailored-to-your-needs analyses.

Advisory services can help you establish/enhance your security risk management program within your organization, help align your current program / architecture with contemporary threats, and establish the necessary communications between Executive goals and Management processes. An Advisory engagement is typically contracted to reach a specified business outcome.

Education services include (you guessed it) training and awareness. We will help you and your staff become more better at cybersecurity by working one-on-one with your leadership team to identify who needs to know what.

So why hire us? We make it our business to know your business and won't sell you anything you don't absolutely need.

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